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COLHD have launched a European Open Consultation to entities across all the value chain of alternative fuels for transportation. The objective is to identify the current market barriers for the introduction of alternative fuels (including LNG/LPG and HVO/LBM/LBP) for the commercial road transport sector.
The results will be part of a public report that will serve as baseline to elaborate policy and regulatory recommendations to the European Commission and other regulatory and policy making bodies.
We invite you to answer a few questions.

Alternative fuel solutions to reducing Carbon Emissions

COLHD (Commercial Vehicles using Optimised Liquid Biofuels and HVO Drivetrains) is a research and innovation project on the use of liquid biofuels in commercial vehicles, such as LBM (Liquid Bio-Methane), LBP (Liquid Bio-Propane) and HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), including the development of optimised biofuel blends, fuel storage systems and engine drivetrains.

The overall objective of the project is to develop, demonstrate and optimise liquid biofuel blends, powertrain concepts and fuel storage, reducing the use of fossil fuels. The engines will be designed to run on optimised blends of both fossil fuels, mainly Autogas (LPG) and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), and non-fossil renewable biofuels, with the objective of progressively increasing the share of biofuels throughout the evolution of the market.

96.6% of current road transport relies on fossil diesel to run. This accounts for almost 20% of the total emissions in Europe. Despite the various solutions available, there is a lack of European infrastructure in Europe and commercial freight vehicles need testing and optimising to support alternative fuel blends.

Reducing road transport emissions

The COLHD consortium, of industrial and academic leading players, has joined forces to commonly address the need to prove feasible and environmental-friendly cases of alternative fuels to fossil diesel for road freight transport.

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